Elder Healy has arrived in Japan

Elder Healy is serving in the Hibarigaoka area of the Japan Tokyo Mission.

Elder Healy is serving in the Hibarigaoka area of the Japan Tokyo Mission, which is one of the ones in the middle of the map.  He arrived on October 9, 2012.

So first of all, yes I am in Japan now.  And Japan is cool.  Japan is pretty interesting.  Wednesday was our first real day here.  We spent about half of it at the mission home.  We had some orientation meetings with the mission president and then we got assigned our companions and our areas.  My companion is Elder Rindlisbacher (Elder Rindi is what he goes by for the Japanese peoples sake) and our area is Hibarigaoka.  He is cool and from Maui. He has been on his mission for a year now.

“My companion is Elder Rindlisbacher.”

Anyways, he and I are both white-washing into the area, which means that neither of us were here before.  Typically when new missionaries get sent somewhere, their trainer has already been in the area for at least six weeks (1 transfer is six weeks), but because we are both white-washing the area neither of us have been there.  So it is going to be interesting.  My first day here (the 10th), we had a lesson with a Jehovah’s witness.  We talked about the Bible the whole time (I think . . . Japanese is a dumb language, and by that I really mean that I still don’t understand it).  Since then, we have had some meetings and General Conference and new missionary stuff (like getting a bike and food for the apartment), so we haven’t had a ton of time but it has been good.  We have had a couple of lessons with another investigator and set a baptismal date with him on Monday, so that was really exciting.  So far the area has been great, and the ward is awesome.  We have only met a couple of people from the ward, but I love them.  The bishop in the ward speaks English (which I kinda like), and for some reason he reminds me of Bishop Orton.  I’ll will let you know more as things happen.

“I am super good at taking pictures.”

The house that we are in is super . . . nice.  The shower has a mosquito nest in it and has a huge hole in the ground and smells like poop.  The beds upstairs had bed bugs in it and the mission president is in the process of finding a new place for us to stay.  We are also pretty sure there is a rat in the closet. . . we hear things moving in the closet sometimes.

And here are the pictures from the MTC and some from Japan I think.  I am super good at taking pictures.

“It is pretty much better now.  It is still a little swollen, but that’s fine, I think.”

One of the pictures is a pic of my leg when I got kicked. It looks gross, but don’t worry–when I went to the doctor, she told me it was bruised and I need to watch for signs of infection and clotting, and then said that was it (she didn’t tell me how to look for those things (infection and clotting)).  But it is pretty much better now. It is still a little swollen, but that’s fine, I think.

I do have a bike.  It is sweet and beautiful. It looks pretty cool.  It has nine gears on the back wheel and three on the front.  It has disk breaks too.  I think it is pretty cool.  I got a red light for the front, too, so I don’t get hit by a car when I am riding at night on the incredibly small streets of Japan.  And as missionaries we always have to wear helmets when we ride bikes, no matter what.  So yes, I do wear a helmet.  I think the bike is a pretty cool bike, though.

“I think it is kinda like a mountain bike. It is a Louis Garneau brand, I think.”

<<In response to his sister Kat’s plea for advice on serving at mission at 19>> I think you going on a mission at 19 is a great idea.  There is a reason that the age was changed.  But this really isn’t a decision that I can help you with.  This is something that you need to decide on your own.  Whatever the choice you make, make sure that it is the right one.  If you read in the Bible dictionary about prayer, it says that the object of prayer is to align the will of the child with the will of the Father.  Prayerfully think about it, and align your will with Heavenly Father’s.  And then, once you have your decision, ask Him if it is the right decision.  Only you can do that. And the best thing is that you have all the tools you need to make the right decision.  You know how the answer to pretty much every church question is pray, read the scriptures, and go to church? And everyone calls them the primary answers and because of that kinda brushes them off? Well, there is a reason they are called the primary answers, and the reason is not because primary kids know those answers.  I think they are called primary answers because with those answers, every other answer is made.  If you think about the primary colors, it becomes easier to think about, I think.  There are only three primary colors, but with those three colors every other color is made.  Well, the primary answers are same.  They are the base of everything of revelation and everything.  So, use those three things.


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