Wade is the one looking like a fool.
So, this week was a pretty cool week. We came in to the area with one investigator who really wasn’t even an investigator. He is a Jehovah’s Witness and is pretty much only meeting with the missionaries to talk about the Bible with them. He has been meeting with them for about five months, I think. So we haven’t met with him too much. But this week we found, I think, five people who we are meeting with now. One of the investigators we met is named Kimura San. We met him just as we were leaving the apartment and started to leave. We talked to him really quickly about the Book of Mormon and the church and then invited him to come to English class and come a little early so we could fit a lesson in. Another person we just met while we were doing church tours. The most recent investigator that we found is Johnson. He is from Camaroon and only speaks English. We found him sitting on a bench and started talking to him, and after we introduced ourselves he said, “If this is important, we can go inside and talk.” So we obviously went inside and talked with him. We just kinda talked about what he believes and he asked us some questions. Unfortunately, we didn’t have an English Book of Mormon, so we asked him if it would be okay if we came by tomorrow and brought it then. He said that that would be fine. So the next day we brought him and English Book of Mormon and an English Bible. We talked a little more about the Book of Mormon and then invited him to go to church. He came to church and after sacrament he were able to have a lesson about the Restoration with him.

Also looking like a fool here.

Now looking somewhat apologetic.

Also, we decided that today we are going to buy a mouse trap and we are going to destroy the rat. It keeps eating our bread and I want them to stop.  So this next week is going to get pretty intense.

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