So this week was pretty fun. We had a Halloween party with the ward, and we got to invite a lot of non-members. I think altogether we had almost 30 nonmembers at the ward Halloween party. So that was really fun. We got to help set up and we kinda got to help them plan games.
Other than that, we have had some good times this week. We have lost some of our investigators; they just haven’t showed up and we haven’t been able to get back into contact with them. But we are still seeing a lot of cool things happen. Right now we have two investigators with baptismal dates planned and we are working with them to get them prepared in time for their date.
The ward that we are in is awesome, The members are all really cool and apparently some of them know Grandpa. One of the ladies said that she was converted when he was mission president. And then another guy said something to me in Japanese, so of course I have no idea what he said, but he did know grandpa too. So that was kinda weird, finding out that they know grandpa.
Also, we bought a ton of mouse traps and put them everywhere. The traps are weird; they are just super sticky and supposedly will stop them.  So far, though, it hasn’t done anything.  We haven’t  caught anything, but my companion did step in it once. . . and they are super sticky.  We talked to the mission home about it, and apparently they have found a new place for us to live, but we can’t move in for another 2-3 weeks.  So it may be a long 3 weeks.  But either way, for now, this is kinda my house right now.

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