I got transferred.

My new companion is Elder Kerr and he is from Tenesensnenses. The attached picture is of him blow drying a window.


This new area is pretty cool so far. We don’t ride our bikes nearly as much here and I realize that I actually do miss riding.

I saw Garrett the other day so that was cool.


Oh! McDonald’s is doing something called the Mega Mac. Do they have that in America? The Mega Mac is basically two big macs in one sandwich . . . there are four hamburger patties. It is still not a very impressive hamburger, but the name is very awesome. Also Burger King here is awesome. About a month ago for a week, Burger King did a whopper buffet. The deal was if you buy a whopper meal, then for the next 30 minutes you can get unlimited whoppers, fries, onion rings, and drinks. How it works is you get your meal, and then you need to eat everything and once that is gone, you take the tray back up to the counter with you receipt and they make sure everything is gone and then you basically reorder. After the first time you don’t need to get a full meal (like, you could only get a whopper and drink if you wanted, or just more fries). You do need to wait each time for the food, but they were pretty fast so it was still awesome. I went, I ate, and I conquered. I ate three whoppers, two onion rings, two French fries, and three drinks. I could have done more whoppers, but I wasn’t totally sure about the rules and how it worked, so I accidentally ordered only a drink and a onion ring one time. So I think if had known what was going on, I could have pounded down another whopper.


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