2 The BurgersI didn’t do this, but I have the pictures. 100 hamburgers. Some missionaries ordered 100 hamburgers. It is elegant. The people who worked there wanted to take pictures with the missionaries. Apparently they have never seen somebody order 100 before. The missionary who gave me the pictures said the people who worked there first assumed that the missionary who ordered the burgers didn’t speak Japanese so they were making a mistake. Then they kept repeating it over and over and finally the worker, said, “Let me talk to the manager.” They went over, the manager came over to make sure this was real, and then he said, “It will take 25 minutes.” That would have been an epic thing to see.

3 The Fans

Sometimes, I miss school and the beautiful mountains of Utah. I look around at Japan and just think to my self, “Shoot, there are a lot of Asians here.” And then I remember that I am living in Japan. So that is always a good awakening.

Anyways, one of our investigator is named Keisho and he speaks Chinese so I am not even sure how much he understands about the church, but that man loves Jesus. So he his getting baptized next Sunday, I think. Hopefully he gets baptized before he realizes what tithing and fast offerings are. (that was a joke–don’t worry, he gets the church)


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