So things over here are pretty good. Yamamura san is doing good. We think he does understand some of the stuff super well. His whole conversion process was pretty quick, and I think for him everything felt good and right so he never questioned anything. But a couple weeks ago, after church, we were talking with him and we asked him what he was doing after church, and he told us that he is going to get his hair cut and then go to the dentist . . . so I think we may have to teach him the commandments again.

Another one of our investigators is named Keisou. He is Chinese and he is the only investigator that was here before I got to Hachioji (I think they had a couple of baptism a couple months before I got there). Anyways he is going to get baptized this Saturday. Teaching him has been super interesting. First of all, I just started to teach him maybe about a month ago. Every other time that he was taught it was always on splits. But since I have started to teach Keisou, he seemed  to improve very fast. When Elder Kerr first met him, he said that he was wondering if they should just drop Keisou and not even worry about teaching him. But now, Keisou is awesome. He is so happy to be joining the church. Whenever I talk to him about joining the Church, there is such relief in his voice.  He doesn’t speak Japanese very well, but it doesn’t matter you can tell that he has been looking for something his whole life. For the most part that is the super exciting stuff that is going on with my investigators.

The rest are pushing along (some faster than others). I will tell you about one more investigator. His name is Wei. He is also Chinese, but speaks perfect Chinese, Japanese and English. He studied Law at Boston College so he is a smart cookie. Teaching him is hard and exhausting. His problem is that he just doesn’t want to change. His heart is hard and is not willing to trust that there is more happiness out there if he just has faith. So we are trying to crush is heart so it becomes soft.

One cool thing we did today was we went to a disaster center type place, and they talked about the super big earthquake. They had some videos from it, and they talked about the danger of earthquakes and of tsunamis. It was pretty cool, actually. The earthquake was a much bigger deal than I thought it was. It messed up basically the entire East coast of Japan. I think they said that 20,000 people were either killed or injured from the earthquake. And I think they said one of the most destructive parts was the tsunami. The place that got hit the worst apparently gets hit a lot, so they had the most cutting edge tsunami protection stuff. Apparently the tsunami was so big that the protection did nothing. The wave height was also so big that it maxed out their measuring scale (the scale maxed out at 9.5 meters, I think) so the tsunami was higher than that. The tsunami just destroyed everything. They had a sweet/scary video of one place when the tsunami first hit land. It was moving with so much force that when it hit land, there was like an explosion. You just saw a “normal” cliff type thing by the water. And then it looked like the cliffs exploded into a huge white cloud. It was sweet and super scary too. Apparently there is going to be another big earth quake within the next four years called the Todai earthquake that will make the last 2011 quake look like a little baby quake.

A lot of missionaries try to get baptismal dates in the beginning, and they try to get them ready for baptism and focus on that. I don’t focus on that–I don’t know if this is a good thing or not. But  I try to focus on helping them realize how much God loves them. I try to help them understand that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them and is waiting for them to talk to Him, to pray to Him. One of the greatest moments of missionary work to me is being there for someone’s first prayer. Its so amazing to think that for the first time in their life, they are talking with their Heavenly Father. For the first time in their life, God is hearing their voice talk to Him. I love teaching about the love of God, it saved my life and has made everything sick! His love is evident in everything that we have in this church and it is da bomb!


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