Letter to home ward

Dear Ward,
So my mother told me to write a letter to the newsletter, so that’s what I am doing. Also I am not really sure what I am supposed to write, so this letter is going to cover a lot of stuff. And I still am not a very patient person, so this letter will most likely be short.
Things in Japan are going pretty sweet. Japan is CUH-RAZY. There are Asians running all over the place and I see grandmas with colored hair all the time. (so far I have seen grandmas with red, purple and blue hair).
There are not as many people who play video games as I thought there would be, but I do see kids hanging out at parks playing game boys.
Apparently every church in Japan has a ping pong table at it, so I am trying to improve my table tennis skills, so that the little Asian kids don’t embarrass me when I play them.
Japanese food is whack.
The language is impossible, but its in my blood, so I still have some hope left in me.
The people that I have met are pretty sick too.
I would like to just share one experience right now about a man named Keiso. He is one of the guys that is going to be getting baptized soon in my area and he loves God. Also he was Christian before we met him. Anyways after a lesson I talked to him and asked him about how he was feeling about joining the church. I couldn’t understand most of what he said, but there was just this look of relief on his face. Like he has finally found the thing that he has been looking and praying for. He knows that this is God’s true church on the earth today. I am so thankful for Keiso’s example to me. It has made me realize a little better, what exactly this church is and what it means. This is the marvelous work that God promised would bless the earth. This is the one true Church of God and of Jesus Christ. And we are all a part of it. The church is the BEST.
Here is a picture from my mission, too. I am using a rose quartz scented mineral spa facial mask (which is wonderful, by the way) while listening to MoTab’s version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
Wade out!
p.s. Elder Howard and I are going to be companions soon, don’t worry.

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