Letter to Home Ward 2


So, Japan is not okay. Right now it is freakishly hot and humid here. The other day it was like 40 degrees Celsius (I am not sure what that is in Fariengheight (I know that is spelled wrong, leave me alone), but I am pretty sure it’s probably 150 degrees or something like that.) and the humidity was 90%. So that is not fun.

But other than that, everything is actually pretty sweet.  Right now, my companion’s Elder “H” from California.  He is a noob. The other day, he had an earwax overload and couldn’t hear anything so we had to go to the otolaryngologist . .  . so that was crazy.

Since I have come to Japan, I have seen some pretty strange things here-  like spiders the size of monkeys and people answering doors with what appears to be almost no clothes. But I guess I have seen some pretty cool stuff, too. Right now there is this old guy we are working with named “O”.  This dude wants to be baptized way bad. And when I asked him why, he started to tell me about the mistakes that he has made and the weight and guilt that he feels from his mistakes. He says that he is tired of carrying that weight, and he knows that Christ will take that weight from him. He knows that Christ has suffered for his sins and because of that, he doesn’t need to carry the weight alone. He knows that through believing in Christ, he can receive remission of his sins and rejoice with an “exceedingly great joy” (Mosiah 3:13). I am way thankful for the chance that I have gotten to meet him, someone who understands the Atonement far better than I do, and to see him use that Atonement. It’s incredible seeing the atonement beginning to change someone’s life. “O” is a boss.

Well I am not sure what else to say, so I am going to go.




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