My companion’s name is Hutchings. He is from Cali. (I don’t know if people actually call it Cali but I decided to) The Canadian is now with a missionary from Brazil/England. I haven’t met with Yuki yet. He was a referral from another area, and right now he is still meeting with the other area’s people I think. Also we still meet with Ogaki. He is not an investigator, but we still help him get to know some of the stuff in the church. Ogaki wants to go to the temple to do the ordinances for his wife (she killed herself about 23 years ago, and since then he has been way sad and it’s been pretty hard on him) The other day he asked us if he can go to the celestial kingdom with his wife still. And we were able to talk to him about the temple and baptism for the dead and the real purpose of the plan of salvation and the real purpose for pretty much everything in the church: eternal families. We told him that even though his wife is dead, she is waiting in the spirit world, and we can do the work for her here, and when he dies he can still be with his wife in the celestial kingdom forever, and then Ogaki said, “That’s good, I think she would like that”. Anyways, that dude is way happy. His life is really changed because of the church and his baptism.


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